Our ever-growing selection of equipment is varied and wide-ranging with the ability to facilitate anything from basic location sound services and mobile ADR, to music playback, live sound recording and all aspects of post production.

Some of our favorite offerings include:

The ability to mic over 30 people at once with 30+ channels of Zaxcom wireless RF featuring never-clip and patented self-recording technology

Our in-house post studio featuring a 5.1/7.1 ProTools mix facility and two Avid edit workstations.

3 Yamaha Multi-track auto-mixer consoles, perfect for live shows, conferences or broadcasted table reads

5 ProTools playback kits including Anchor speakers with optional underwater speakers and

32 Phonak in-ear receivers (The most earwigs in stock in NYC!) 

4 Production Sound Carts

3 ENG packages

A dozen sync-sound Deneke Timecode Slates

ProTools fly packs featuring Dante, MADI, or analog audio

Fiber optics systems used to transmit audio, video, data and RF long-range without compromising quality

Please contact us directly for detailed lists and quotes.

Our ever-growing selection of equipment is varied and wide-ranging.

Some of our favorite brands include: